Daily roundup of what's hot online right now with the revealing of the salvage plan for the Costa Concordia, Facebook IPO affecting other social media stock and a trending video.

Check this out: Salvage plan for Costa Concordia

Remember the shipwrecked Costa Concordia that left 30 people dead in January? Well, the cruise liner still lies crashed along the Italian island of Giglio, but Carnival Corporation has finally revealed a plan to remove it after months of bidding from potential contractors. The first phase alone will take a year and will involve stabilizing the ship to prevent further slippage. The rescue effort is a joint venture between American-owned Titan Salvage and Italian firm Micoperi.

Trending topic: Facebook IPO

According to Techflash.com, "Facebook Inc.'s initial public offering appears to be taking a toll on other social networking-related stocks Friday." Zynga –– the maker of Words With Friends and Farmville –– dropped by more than 13 percent, and the site says "any perceived weakness in the (Facebook) IPO could hurt (Zynga's stock)."

Video: Man falls out window on live TV

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