Softball team sweeps at Falls City

Kirt Manion
Nebraska City News-Press

Nebraska City allowed three runs in three games and swept through the Falls City softball tournament on Saturday.

Victories were against Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca, 14-2; Falls City, 4-0; and Freeman, 5-1.

Offensive leaders against Syracuse-Dunbar-Avoca were Emma Smailys, single and double; Pacie Lee, double; Emilee Marth, single and triple; Taryn Godsey, single; Bianca Hoy, single; Kendyl Schmitz, 2-for-3; Emily Breazile, 2-for-3; and Madi Hoyle, 2-for-2.

Emerson Becker tossed four frames, struck out one, walked one and allowed two earned runs on five hits.

Offensive leaders for Nebraska City against Falls City were Emma Cowden, double; March, single, double and home run; Sydnee Nickels, double; Hoy, single; Schmitz, single.

Schmitz tossed seven strike outs, walked three and allowed no runs on four hits.

Offensive leaders for Nebraska City against Freeman were Smailys, 3-for-4; Marth, 2-for-3; Becker, 2-for-3; Breazile, 3-for-3; Nickels, single; Cowden, single; and Lee, single.

Schmitz struck out nine, walked one and allowed an earned run on four hits.

The Nebraska City softball team swept its way through the Falls City tournament last weekend.