Four PSC students named All Americans

Nebraska City News-Press

Four Peru State students, all Bobcat student-athletes, were recently named by the National Strength and Conditioning Association (NSCA) as All-American Strength and Conditioning Athletes of the Year.

The NSCA recognizes those collegiate and high school athletes, whose athletic accomplishments, in the opinion of their strength coach, reflect their dedication to strength training and conditioning. These athletes are also recognized for their academic and personal accomplishments and their integrity as student-athletes.

Those earning the honor included Reiner Mendez Yepez (Barquisimeto, Venezuela), Allison Tichy (Bellevue), Kristian Dewitt (Mansfield, Texas), and Tyra Mollhoff (Lincoln).

Dr. Kyle Ryan, professor of kinesiology at Peru State, collaborates with Bobcat head coaches for the student-athlete nominations and identifies other students who meet the NSCA standard.

The following are the nominations submitted by Dr. Ryan for each of the individuals:

Reiner Mendez Yepez – Baseball

Playing through injuries, Reiner has maintained a commitment to his strength and conditioning and ground-based power philosophy by increasing his squat to 335 and his power clean to 245. He has also taken a leadership role on the baseball team by encouraging his teammates to commit to the strength and conditioning program of the college. He has also taken a leadership role in the campus offerings of high intensity functional training by encouraging both students and student-athletes to participate. His commitment to strength and conditioning has further resulted in a career path of becoming a certified strength and conditioning specialist.

Allison Tichy – Golf/Women’s Basketball

A former basketball player for Peru State College, Allison has recently transitioned to the sport of golf while maintaining her commitment to strength and conditioning and ground-based power. Her leadership has further resulted in her conducting high intensity functional training classes on the campus and she is a recognized leader among both student-athletes and students. Maintaining a 3.8 grade point average, Allison hopes to give back to the profession by pursuing a physical therapy degree and certification through the National Strength and Conditioning Association.

Kristian Dewitt – Women’s Basketball

There are times that an athlete serves as an inspiration not because of the numbers posted in the weight room, but because of the perseverance demonstrated through overcoming injury. Having first suffered a back injury, and then later hit harder than most as a result of COVID, Kris was forced to overcome these ailments to return to her "game shape" and finish the basketball season. Her determination and resolve served as an inspiration to her teammates and coaches alike and raised the intensity of all those around her.

Tyra Mollhoff – Volleyball

Serving as the lone senior on the Peru State Volleyball team, Tyra was not only a leader on the volleyball court but in the weight room as well. Despite being in quarantine several times, Tyra was able to add two inches to her vertical jump, maintained a deadlift of 200 pounds, and was able to squat 245 pounds. Tyra will graduate with a degree in disease and human health and plans to enter the nursing field.

This is the fourth year in which Peru State students have received the recognition. For more information on the NSCA, go to: