Ramblin' with Fergie by John Ferguson

Hamburg Reporter

  Woke up Thursday morning with one main thing on our minds—get that Covid 19 immunization shot. That should be simple enough. Even though we’ve been trying to get that done for over a week, we’ve been unable to get our ducks in a row to the point of actually getting a needle in the arm with the proper juice in it. We went to the Sidney site a while back, all set to roll up our sleeves and get properly poked in the arm. Alas, we went up to the counter and announced our intentions, only to be told that we needed to produce our vaccination cards that we were given when we got our shots way last winter. Luckily, we both knew where those things were, back home in a drawer in Hamburg. So we bailed and went back home, better informed and willing to try again at a later date.

        That later date turned out be last Thursday, so we loaded up and headed to Wal-Mart, in Nebr. City, with the proper credentials. We took a seat and waited for our names to be called, then got our shots and came back to Hamburg. Not surprisingly, while we were waiting, First Wife Hallie spotted something on a shelf that we just had to have, ending my dream of getting in and out of Wal-Mart without spending a dime. So we made that purchase and headed home, fully vaccinated.

        Back in town, I set about making a batch of fudge to take to the John Scott Memorial Auction, which is scheduled to take place on the upcoming Sunday at United Trinity Church. We got that chore done, sampled my handiwork, declared it presentable and then headed to The Center for a Hometown Pride gathering, complete with a potluck dinner which featured some of the tastiest dishes I’ve ever had the pleasure to taste. No wonder I’m still a tad overweight. That was Friday night.

        Then, on Saturday, a bittersweet day, starting out with thoughts of the afternoon funeral for one of  our favorite fellow church goers, JoAnn Clark, who died suddenly in her sleep a couple of weeks ago.   

I had the pleasure of working in Youth Club with JoAnn for at least three years and she was a joy to be around, plus, she got a lot done. She will be missed at United Trinity.

        As happens quite often, the ladies of UTC had planned a feast to follow the funeral and this feast did not disappoint. So, once again, faced with all those wonderful dishes, how am I supposed to do anything but put on weight?

        And now, it’s  Sunday night, just a few hours after Trinity’s designated Thanksgiving Day observance, the John Scott Memorial Silent Auction and yes, another feast. Because I’ve been feasting now for three consecutive days and am now fully fed, I now, believe it or not, want to say “Thank You” to Margaret Henkle for the delicious leftover turkey she provided for our evening snack as we watched “60 Minutes”. What a delicious weekend we had!

        Fat and sassy, I’m outta here.