September Journey with Phyllis Buell

Nebraska City News-Press

How In The Heck???

Did you ever get up in the morning and say to yourself “How in the heck did we ever get here?”

Wasn’t just yesterday Memorial Day weekend?

I know we have had Halloween because I have eaten all of the leftover Trick or Treat candy.

But – do we have to bypass Thanksgiving completely?

I’ll admit it has been a very strange year, but I still have plenty to be thankful for. I’ll bet you do too.

If I started a list I think it would run clear out to the street. Let’s see . . .

The weather. It has allowed farmers to get the bulk of the harvest gathered. As a very old farmer’s wife, I will never cease to be grateful for that.

The weather. It is responsible for the beautiful sight from all of my windows. I have a lovely red carpet of leaves – and I’m thankful someone else will have to rake them.

The weather. I got all of my spring bulbs planted.

Well, you get the point, I am sure. I am very thankful for the weather!

Family. Oh, yeah, they come right up to the top of the list. Since my hand and finger were sliced and diced a couple of weeks ago, I have had to rely on family more than any other time of my life. Food, transportation, hauling trash, endless time on phone calls straightening out things that should have been so simple . . . , , they had to take care of all of it. I sometimes wonder if the Pandemic didn’t destroy a few million brain cells while everyone “worked from home.”

Does anything brighten a day like an unexpected visit or phone call from family? I don’t think so. And – I am thankful for that every minute of every day.

Neighbors, near and far. Old and new ones. I love them all.

Thanksgiving. It is just around the corner and reminds us to be appreciative for all of the goodness that has come our way this year.

If all of the stores are playing Christmas carols and songs, just enjoy them. I’m sure the guys putting up all of the trees and Christmas lights right now are thankful for the good weather too!

So, start your list and remember we all have a lot to be thankful for, don’t we?

Phyllis Buell, September Journeys