Courteous Comments with Kirt Manion

Nebraska City News-Press

Great Scott!

Nebraska fans, you have an answer.

Scott Frost will return for the 2022 football season.

If this fourth year of the Frost era has been about anything, it has been about the fate of the coach.

From the opening loss to Illinois, through the losses to Minnesota and Purdue, people were saying that Frost was done. He had to be done. There was simply no progress.

The Nebraska football program disagreed with that sentiment. They didn’t intend to fire Scott.

And, instead of letting people speculate about the fate of the coach for this bye week, next week’s game at Wisconsin and the closer at home against Iowa, the power structure spoke through the personage of Trev Alberts, Nebraska’s Athletic Director. And they said Scott is safe—for now.

Why not go with the “fire him now” sort of plan?

Is it simple? Maybe.

More complex? Likely.

Factor in the close losses to top competition in the form of Ohio State, Michigan, Michigan State and Oklahoma. Factor in the tough schedule of 2021 and the hope for a lighter slate in 2022. Factor in the money. A big buy out in that $20 million range. Factor in the coach search where candidates have a number of attractive Power 5 teams to pick from.

The contract got re-worked, so maybe the money is the sticking point. Or maybe not.

Who knows? And, really, who cares?

Nebraska declared that Scott would be the guy and eliminated the need for weeks of speculation. It saves the fans from many things. From the potential embarrassment of planes going unboarded and offers not being made to candidates who probably heard the pitch and said no. From false sightings of the future head coach at Lincoln area gas stations.

And, mostly, from that introductory press conference where we look on uninspired at someone the likings of Bill Callahan or Mike Riley.

Nope. We didn’t need any of that.

We can all speculate about the assistant coaches now. Hopefully not for long there either. Please end this soon. Most of us don’t want to hear about moves that might or might not make a difference in September 2022.

The good news is that we don’t have to think about Husker football as much. Or, wait, is that the bad news too.

From what we can understand, the number of thoughts about Nebraska football have been on the decline. The demand to see coaches at in-person offseason events seems is down, and not by a little bit.

Will season tickets be effected? What will the spring game crowd look like? Apathy—is it coming for us like a thief in the night? One day, you got a full stadium and a state filled with Husker fans. The next day, no one cares. That’s a nightmare for everyone, including the Husker football powers that be inside Memorial Stadium.

And so we take this risk. We hope it’s calculated. Maybe it’s a risk we have to take. This could be out of our control due to a lack of money or interested and qualified candidates.

But we take the risk nonetheless. And we worry about what is to come. Is Nebraska football going to be good again? Go to bowls again? Will it inspire us to waive our flags down the main streets of small town Nebraska as we did in the mid-90s?

Time will tell. We’ll call that patience.

And we all will say to Scott.

Good luck my friend.

Kirt Manion