Letter to the Editor

Nebraska City News-Press

My name is Denise Davis. I want to thank our fellow Nebraska Citian Jim Kuhn for his recent contribution to this space, titled MY TOWN. (News-Press, September 17, 2021). Jim expressed his love for Nebraska City and his eagerness to help out with whatever he can in our community. I am grateful we have a dedicated citizen like Jim Kuhn in our midst. I challenge all of us to model his care for and pride in Nebraska City by showing we too love Nebraska City, and want to help build more community here.

I work at the Morton-James Public Library. This fall the Library has begun to offer Community Conversations, an informal opportunity to casually become more acquainted with one another, face-to-face, in the Library’s welcoming Kimmel Gallery. The next round of conversations is next Wednesday, October 27. Three one-hour sessions will be offered: 10:30am, 2pm, and 7pm. (Note: During the evening conversation we will be joined by representatives from the Flatwater Free Press who want to learn more about Nebraska City. They have recently launched Nebraska’s first independent, nonprofit newsroom, https://flatwaterfreepress.org/ ) Everyone is welcome and there is no agenda other than a shared interest in being a part of Nebraska City, whether you are a newcomer or have been a resident for many years. We all have something to share with OUR TOWN, and that in turn helps build community!

The Library received a grant to help promote community engagement, and our goal is to grow this initiative into a monthly event – come join us! No registration is required and you can choose from three times during the day. A participant in our September conversations shared, “You may not know what to expect, but you will be enlightened and learn something new.” Another mentioned, “It really increased my awareness of our community.” During October’s conversations you can also enjoy our current Kimmel Gallery exhibit highlighting the Library’s 125-year history. As Jim Kuhn wrote, “This is MY TOWN. It is yours, too...” – come share how you experience OUR TOWN!

Denise Davis

Morton-James Public Library 923 1st Corso

Nebraska City