September Journey with Phyllis Buell

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Time – How It Flies By

Have you ever wondered? Why does time go by so slowly when you are a child?

Now – I open my eyes in the morning and it is already time to head back to bed. At least, that is the way it seems to me.

One more of life’s events brought that to my mind again.

When I was in High School, the annual Alumni Banquet in Elmwood was a very big event. It was held every Memorial Day weekend in the old Elmwood Community Building, or as we wickedly (we thought) called it back then (Elmwood Cow Barn).

That old building was filled to capacity with graduates on that special Saturday night. Most of them seemed as old as Methuselah to me, a lowly sophomore, as I served them.

Waiters joked when the group paraded up the hill to march down main street. As I said before, the gathering was a big deal back in the mid 40’s.

Well, those in the 50 year class didn’t seem so old when it was the class of 1948 celebrating. Actually, we got around pretty good, considering.

Personally, I have probably attended my last alumni gathering. I was the only one in my class able to be present this past May. It isn’t important for current graduates of the combined schools to attend. Times have indeed changed. It is very kind of the last graduates of good old Elmwood High to keep the yearly gathering going. Nina Miller Landwehr, Sherry Stolz Stubbendeck, Donna Althouse Clements and many others diligently see that event still happens.

Class gatherings are still important. The Murdock Alumni banquet has completely faded into the past. Some of the milestone marking classes still gather to reminisce about the good – and not so good old days.

Time has passed so quickly that my oldest child has now reached the marker of 50 years (1970) plus one. The pandemic kept them from visiting in person last year.

Two weeks ago, Ken attended his class gathering from Murdock. According to rumors, all of their escapades of high school years were enhanced once more and a good time was had by all!

This past weekend, he enjoyed the gathering for the Syracuse 50 year (plus one) class and the many friends he left when he was in the sixth grade. It was a joy for him to renew those friendships. Syracuse graduates, Jerry Werner and Jan Scheef Snyder deserve many thanks for keeping addresses and people together over the years.

We moved to back to the “home place” near Murdock in January of 1964. That meant a lot of changes for both boys.

Believe it or not, Ken fell heir to the same teacher in Murdock I had in the sixth grade in little old Dist. #101! He did not impress her all of those years later - but neither did I, so I won’t elaborate on the last months of his sixth grade year.

Mark was not writing cursive style yet in Syracuse and found his Murdock’s classmates had started that at the beginning of the year. He had to hurry to catch up. Mrs. Smith was very patient with him.

Today, that wouldn’t matter would it? Cursive writing is not on the teaching agenda, it seems. Some of my great grandchildren are aware of my feelings on the cursive situation and make a valid attempt to please me when they contact me via the US Post Office. I appreciate that!

To me, “face time” on an electronic device will never replace face to face time. Some old dogs learn a lot of new tricks – not me. I prefer the old ways in many situations.

New days, new ways. I had better get with the program or get left behind, hadn’t I?

Phyllis Buell, September Journeys