'Fake News" and scientific fact

Nebraska City News-Press

On February 18, 2021, using ingenuity, our nation’s public and private school educated physicist/engineers landed a rover on the planet Mars.

Proudly, my father, brother-in-law and niece have all worked and retired from Los Alamos, New Mexico’s Los Alamos National Laboratories. My retired niece now works as a tour guide for the “Lab” and supplies me with many tour information materials and informed me that the “Labs” current physicist/engineers constructed most of the Mars rover’s electricity sources utilizing heat from radioactive decay of domestically or “Lab” produced plutonium 235.

To refresh memories, the Los Alamos National Laboratories, under the leadership of Professor of theoretical physics J. Robert Oppenheimer and commanded by the “Manhattan Project”, produced the “Little Boy and “Fat Man” nuclear bombs that were dropped from Colonel Paul Tibbets and Maj. Gen. Charles W. Sweeney piloted B – 29’s which led to the surrender of Japan and brought WW II to a close.

On November 7, 2020, the Fremont, Nebraska, Tribune ran an editorial titled “Trying to control the narrative is an insult to the community”.

The editorial stated to paraphrase, (1) “About five years ago, Donald J. Trump coined the term “fake news” to describe major national media outlets he believed were purposely trying to damage his reputation. (2) Since this, now many people and agencies have obsessed with ‘controlling the narrative’ when it comes to themselves or the agencies they represent”. (3) “We can’t have a democracy when everyone is hell-bent on controlling the narrative for their own gain – censoring the truth or putting their own spin on it – that’s literally fake news” and finally, (4) “The Tribune does not report the news when it’s convenient for people, business and the government. We only report credible and timely information important to our residents – the good, bad and the ugly, but the truth”.

Given the “truth” from the Los Alamos National Lab sources and the Fremont Tribune and the ongoing “fake news” from politicians, my objective will be to identify current politicians who, while spouting “government overreach” and arguing with Dr. Fauci as opposed to following the science, develop their own rules to enhance their own political agendas over the lives of our nation’s children and adults. They use their high positions in government to spew misinformation, lies, fearmongering, and/or “fake news” to control the narrative or to deny the “truth” while ignorantly making corroborated scientific modeling or forecasting at the Los Alamos National Lab extremely difficult and time consuming

This group of politicians is led by former president, Donald J. Trump, Governors Pete Ricketts, NE; Ron DeSantis, FL; and Greg Abbott, TX. U. S. Senators Ted Cruz, TX and Rand Paul, KT. And U. S. House of Representative and QAnon believer Margorie Taylor Green.

Nebraska’s governor, Pete Ricketts has spewed fearmongering, blatant lies and “fake news” on subjects such as President Bidens 30 – by – 30 Conservation project and is now attempting to control the narrative by getting 22 of his either appointed or heavily funded “far right” state senators to oppose the teaching of Critical Race Theory which would deny academia or “academic freedom” for students to search for the truth, to support a position the researcher believes is the truth and to disagree with others whose intellect reaches a different conclusion.

On August 12, 2021, during a 10 p.m. televised film segment of a congressional symposium at Ashland’s Air Museum, Governor Pete Ricketts blatantly lied before local television viewers about who is not affected by the new COVID – 19 variant.

I felt complete joy witnessing the KETV channel 7 news telecast very academically and publicly refute or prove false Ricketts despicable attempt to deny the “truth” on the COVID spread by featuring numerous medical professional testimonies contrasting Rickett’s lies and false rhetoric.

Likewise, former president, Donald J. Trump and his Vice-President Mike Pence continually attempt to deny science and creating “fake news” by taking credit for Moderna, Pfizer BioNTech and Johnson and Johnsons quick response in finding a serum to combat the COVID virus.

Similarly, Trumps followers Ted Cruz, Rand Paul and Margorie Taylor Green seemingly get dumber by the day completely denying academia and the Los Alamos, Sandia, Oak Ridge and Argonne scientist years long studies into the current and impending pandemics.

This when the facts itemized in the February 2021 edition of the “Los Alamos Science and Technology magazine” headlined “1663 Lessons on emerging disease” point to the fact that the Los Alamos National Lab in Los Alamos, New Mexico, Sandia National Laboratories in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Oak Ridge National Laboratories in Oak Ridge, Tennessee and Argonne National Laboratories in Lamont, Illinois have for over 20 years researched and concluded that the way to anticipate pandemics and its spread is through understanding the connections between humans, animals and the environment and how this is all impacted by animal stress from climate change, habitat encroachment, forced animal migration and ‘wet markets’.

Given the flu pandemic of 1918, Biologist Jeanne Fair, now a staff member at Los Alamos National Labs, studied zoonotic diseases for over 25 years and like most scientist, always said it was not a question of “if a new disease could become a pandemic; it was instead a question of “when”.

Jeanne Fair states, “The reason I said it’s a question of “when” is because it is not uncommon for new diseases to emerge. Pathogens that can infect multiple species – such as rabies, influenza, and Ebola – are everywhere”.

To listen and believe the “fakes” masquerading as our nation and state leaders such as Governor Pete Ricketts, Ted Cruz, Ronald DeSantis or Mike Pence who while believing they know more than Los Alamos, Sandia, Oak Ridge’s or Argonne National Laboratories specialists, computer scientists, bio scientists, mathematicians, economists and others who have spent years compiling years of research data to corroborate the “truth” blatantly lie, promote obstructionism and promote such conspiracy theories as QAnan and other “fake news” items does not speak well for their followers who believe and buy into such nonscience.

And, oh, yeah, Nebraska City, on September 12th you will be hosting Governor Pete Ricketts own paid for steak fry at Arbor Lodge entertaining 2024 Republican presidential hopefuls Ted Cruz, Ron DeSantis and Mike Pence all who attempt to control the narrative and hide the “truth”.

Ricketts is now apparently attempting to buy his way into the office of Vice President of the U. S.!