Nebraska's governor chooses obstructionism

Alvin Guenther, Guest Columnist

Instead of respecting the guidelines of the Preamble to the U. S. Constitution “To Form a More Perfect Union” by, for example, supporting President Biden's 30 by 30 Conservation Program to help improve our nations environment or the academic movement “critical race theory” to allow academia to uncover the truth of our nation’s past, true to Republican form Governor Pete Ricketts, obviously unable to offer any alternative to either, chooses obstructionism.

Perhaps Governor Ricketts should call upon his private school history lessons to recall what constitutional and statewide laws were passed prior to women finally gained the right to vote, when the Cherokee Nation people were recognized as American citizens, when African men gained the right to vote and when people other than white male property owners gained the right to vote. Or, maybe even, the true implicit cost of modern-day agriculture and the use of fossil fuels.

Unfortunately, now, Nebraska’s plutocratic Governor is showboating in Texas with our states state troopers at a cost to Nebraska’s taxpayers of $500,000 while ignorantly stirring up negative opposition to the 30 by 30 conservation program by, like his mentor former President Donald Trump, stoking wacky far-right villainous fear-mongering, misinformation, lies and hyperboles.

Google the 30 by 30 plan to learn that 27.1 percent or 640 million acres of the United States’ total land mass is already federal land.

It is hoped that voluntary enrollment of the remaining 2.9 percent of the land will come from voluntary signups from tribal and privately owned agricultural lands in the highly successful Conservation Reserve Program or the Conservation Stewardship Program to achieve the 30 by 30 goal.

Not the “federal land grab” or “government overreach” egregious fear-mongering Governor Ricketts touts.