September Journey with Phyllis Buell

Syracuse Journal-Democrat

A Ver-r-r-r-y Moving Experience

Well, it finally happened.

 I moved.

Ninety years ago I was born in a Lincoln hospital. A nurse at that hospital saved my life when I wasn't quite three years old and I lived in Lincoln for more than eight years in the twilight of of my allotted years.

 Lincoln is important to me, but I felt a definite "pull" to return to the little village of my childhood.

Elmwood probably has less amenities for residents than it did when I was born. Like many "bedroom" towns, residents found it more convenient, more variety and probably cheaper to purchase groceries in Lincoln than in their home town.

We don't have a grocery store or a doctor. The doctor part doesn't worry me. The Rescue Squad and those that staff it are very qualified as well as quick! When we were still on the farm, we were on a first name status with them. It seldom took them more than five minutes to answer our call. Merle was pleased he was the first person to ride in the "new" ambulance. Personally, I would much preferred someone else could have claimed that so called "honor."

Elmwood is Bess Streeter Aldrich's home town. She was the famous Nebraska author that many stories and books about pioneer life and families.

As a youthful reader of her works, I was star-struck whenever I would see her come into the Post Office to pick up her mail. She looked so elegant in her pretty floral summer dress. She wore a lovely garden-party type hat and carried a basket to fill with her mail.

Her former home is just a short distance from my apartment. It is now a special place to visit at all times of the year in her memory. I hope to help there in some capacity or another.

Those are a couple of reasons I love Elmwood . . . getting there with my identity intact has been something else.

I do hope the Post Office is recognizing my address now. I haven't received any mail yet, so perhaps bills and junk mail won't find me either. for a time it was concluded this address didn't exist!    

Being elderly, at least I will use that for an excuse - I still prefer a landline. I thought it was all set up for me to retain my "old" number. That had been verified twice with the company and I printed out the confirmation. When moving day came, all I was supposed to do was plug lin my modem and answer the phone.

Well, the phone part didn't happen either. I had been assigned a new number - but no one bothered to tell me that had happened. I won't have email or internet for several weeks for a reason I am too old to understand - but then, many technical things are in that category. We will just say for the record that I did not receive that information very gracefullly! One grandson witnessed this old grandma having a "meltdown" over something I couldn't fix.

My second and third grandsons were great with all of the "tech" moving stuff. having a wonderfully patient daughter-by-love was also a key ingredient to an easy move. We didn't exchange one cross word as we packed day after day! Well, in all truthfulness, I did tell her quite forcefully to leave a small package alone! There really was a good reason for that.

I knew i was back in rural Nebraska this Sunday morning when I was invited to friend Hallie's son's home for Sunday dinner (not lunch) after church, a crop duster was interesting afternoon entertainment, there was a huge picnic dinner gathering in the park and a new neighbor brought me cookies.

You can go home again.