NCHS program honors veterans

Kirt Manion, CherryRoad Media

Veteran appreciation appropriately inspired a program for Veterans Day at the 11th hour of the 11th day of November, 2021, at the Nebraska City Veterans Memorial Building (NCVMB) in downtown Nebraska City on Thursday.

Nebraska City High School Principal Brian Hoover served as the event’s emcee and said that the high school was pleased to be included in the Veterans Day program at the NCVMB this year, joining students from Nebraska City Middle School who saluted veterans for their service by serving a breakfast in the basement of the NCVMB on Thursday morning.

Music for the 11 a.m. program was provided by the Nebraska City High School band, which opened with the Star Spangled Banner and also featured a medley of service anthems for the branches of the United States military. The service anthems provided a moment for members of the public to recognize service members who stood when the anthem of their branch was played by the band.

In addition to the band, the program from Thursday featured Samantha Collins, Izzy Bare, and Alexa Turner.

Collins read from a letter written by the mother of a service member which recounted the mother’s experiences and emotions of watching her child grow up, make a decision to join the military and then be deployed to potentially dangerous assignment overseas. The letter had extra meaning for Collins, whose son, Gabe, a graduate of Nebraska City High School, is currently serving in the Navy and is awaiting deployment overseas.

Bare provided a student prospective on Veterans Day by talking about the military service experience of her family and how that has helped to shape her growing up.

Turner was a featured singer and speaker during the service anthems portion of the program.

Pictured is the Tuesday, Nov. 11 scene at the Nebraska City Veterans Memorial Building.