PEO chapters sponsor ‘Girls Afternoon Out’ for NC

Julie Davis, CherryRoad Media

Female ninth grade students in NC were treated to a “Girls Afternoon Out” by PEO on Wednesday, Nov. 3.

The purpose of the off-campus gathering at The Block House was to bring the young women together with women who work in six significant career fields in Nebraska: agriculture, food and natural resources; business, marketing and management; communications and information systems; health sciences, human sciences and education; and skilled and technical sciences.

Sixty women also participated in the afternoon event, and the students had opportunities to hear brief presentations about their careers and to also ask questions.

Future plans call for the women and the students to be paired in mentor-mentee relationships similar to those used in TeamMates, said Lourdes Central Catholic Counselor Lisa Whitten.

“We want to get the students thinking about career paths,” said Whitten, “so they have plenty of time to job shadow and work on their grades.”

Funding for the event was provided by the Kropp Charitable Foundation, said retired regional director for Proteus Inc.-Nebraska Susan Rabick.

LCC Director of Special Education Dana Gunderson brought the Girls Afternoon Out idea to PEO chapters FV and CF, said Rabick, and the chapters spent 9 months planning the event.

“You will get out of this day in equal proportion to what your put into it,” said a handout in the students’ packets. “Have fun, engage and use this opportunity to DREAM about what you want in life! We are here to help you DO IT! It’s not too early to start making plans for a fabulous future.”

Whitten said the chapters plan provide more in-depth planning events for junior students, which will coincide with college campus visits, college admissions testing, and resume building.

PEO member and Lourdes Central Catholic Counselor Lisa Whitten provides instructions on the final activities at the first “Girls Afternoon Out,” which took place Nov. 3 at The Block House. The event brought together 60 freshmen from LCC and Nebraska City Public Schools to learn about the wide variety of career opportunities for women.