Senator Blood visits Syracuse

Submitted News by the Otoe County Democrats

Senator Carol Blood traveled to Syracuse on Friday, Oct. 15, to visit with the Otoe County Democrats at the Rich Harvest Winery. Senator Blood represents the third district in the Nebraska Legislature and is the only Democrat thus far running for Governor. The senator has already met with many small groups across the state telling citizens about her background and why she is running for Governor.

Carol Blood, a native Nebraskan, grew up on a farm in southwest Nebraska. She later moved to the Bellevue area and became involved in local politics after her children were grown. Carol spoke about her time as a Bellevue City Councilwoman and her work that saved the city $20 million dollars. In her time in the legislature she has had 30 of her bills become law. She feels that she has worked in a bipartisan manner in the legislature and vows to do the same at the executive level.

Senator Blood spoke about property taxes and how difficult it is to make progress in that area. One of the problems she spoke about was the large number of unfunded mandates the legislature passes. The financial burden of these too often falls on counties and local governments.

The Senator promised to work hard as Governor and work to unite all Nebraskans. She also promised to return to southeast Nebraska and meet with the citizens in this area.

Senator Carol Blood visited with citizens of Syracuse recently about her bid to become Nebraska's Governor.