Hayward marks Purple Jam

Nebraska City News-Press

On Sept. 30, Hayward Elementary (3rd-5th grades at Nebraska City Public Schools) celebrated its monthly Purple Jam.  

Purple Jam is Hayward’s celebration of good behavior and upstanding character.  Hayward recognizes all our students that displayed outstanding commitment to following our “Be” Rules, which are Be Safe, Be Respectful and Be Responsible. If you listen close enough at about 2:30 p.m. on a day at the end of the month you can hear the echoes of great behavior being chanted from Hayward.

In our behavior model there are five sets of guidelines:  All Areas, the Restrooms, the Hallways, the Playground and the Lunchroom.  This last month we focused on Hallways:  To be Safe = Walk on the right, To be Respectful =  Keep hands, feet, and objects to yourself, and To be Responsible =  Quiet voice levels.

Every month we honor two Hayward Heroes.  Jayde Wurtele and Reid Thorton were nominated by their teachers as outstanding role models for the school. A Hayward Hero is someone who is safe, respectful and responsible.  Not only do they follow the Be rules they also go above and beyond expectations in every way.  They follow directions the first time, they care about their classmates, and they do what is right even when no one is looking.

Jayde’s teacher wrote on her nomination form:  “Jayde is a model student who is always doing the right thing.  She is responsible and organized and she always gives her best effort.  Her caring, kind, and gentle character is apparent in all of her interactions with students and staff.  She is a good friend to everyone.”

Reid’s teacher wrote:  “Reid comes to school with a positive attitude every day.  His enthusiasm for learning is contagious.  He challenges his classmates to try difficult tasks and he also challenges himself.  He regularly volunteers, follows the rules, and expects others to do the same.”

Jayde and Reid will enjoy lunch with Principal Davis at a selected restaurant in town and will have their name on a poster at Adkins Signs.  Their picture will be displayed in the trophy case at school and they will receive a trophy declaring their status as a Hayward Hero.

Students that remembered and lived by the “Be” Rules during the school day in September were recognized by their teachers by receiving a Colonel Pride ticket in class and were randomly selected to win a prize from the prize table.

September was an excellent month for positive behavior.  

The Purple Jam came to a conclusion with the Student/Teacher Challenge game.  The students and teachers had to work together to toss a frisbee back and forth in order to receive the most points. The fifth grade took an outstanding lead and won with 27 points in total.   Everyone was very supportive and displayed great sportsmanship.  This celebration is a monthly event that the students and staff look forward to experiencing to support positive behavior in our school.

Jayde Wurtele and Reid Thorton with Hayward Principal Scot Davis.