Highway 2 construction work is on schedule

Kirt Manion
Hamburg Reporter

Weather permitting, the construction work on Highway 2 between Interstate 29 and the Missouri River bridge may complete slightly ahead of schedule.

Although the project is on schedule to be completed on Dec. 1, Scott Suhr, a transportation planner with the Iowa Department of Transportation, said the project may actually be completed and ready to open in mid- to late November.

Suhr said he has spoken to the project inspector and the project’s resident construction engineer in Council Bluffs. He said both bridge decks have been poured and the contractor spent last week working on paving and bridge approaches, and the bridge approaches may be completed this week.

Those projects will be followed by hand pours on certain parts of the project, as well as paving, which will take about three weeks to complete.

The project is set to conclude after barrier walls, paving correction, painting, erosion control, and guardrail installation, are completed, said Suhr.

When completed, the project will provide for the construction of two new 1,097-foot x 40-foot pretensioned prestressed concrete beam bridges and the construction of new levee sections north and south of the roadway at the new bridges as flood control measures for Highway 2.