Letter to the Editor

Nebraska City News-Press

I am Jim D. Kuhn and I call Nebraska City MY TOWN and here is why.

When I buy a new shirt, new vehicle, or new home I call them Mine. It is because I like them enough to invest in them. I like them. And I am comfortable in them.

Same with MY TOWN. I love Nebraska City even though I am reminded several times that I am “not from here,” even though I have been here for 41 years. I am comfortable here, I like it here 

and I am here to stay. It is MY TOWN.

I go to most City Council meetings and people ask why?I go to support my City Council and to see what I might be able to help with. Volunteerism in a town our size is paramount.

The city just passed an annual budget that is considerably less than last year. Less mill levy and less taxes required while maintaining city services that are required, necessary and affordable.

I believe this cut and savings is not only due to good management this year but also as a carryover from previous years of good management. 

My thanks to not only the mayor, the city council, the city staff, but also to the police, the fire department, the first responders and the utilities. WELL DONE !!

This is MY TOWN. It is yours, too. Be thankful. 

Jim D. Kuhn 

Nebraska City