USS Nebraska crew members visit NC Rotary Club

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

Thanks to the generosity of the Big Red Sub Club, five members of the crew of the USS Nebraska submarine spent a week in the Cornhusker State, and one of their tour stops was the Nebraska City Rotary Club.

Members of the crew spoke to the Rotary Club about their jobs on the sub, what the Big Red Sub Club does for the crew,  and where their travels were scheduled to take them before they returned to Washington state today (Sept. 14).

Chase Krause, Chief of the Boat (COB), told the audience his main responsibility is to make sure all the sailors aboard are doing their jobs. He said being the COB is “the most rewarding thing I’ve done” in his 20-year naval career.

The Big Red Sub Club is a nonprofit organization based in Omaha that sponsors annual trips for selected crew members to visit Nebraska. Sub Club members also visit Washington state when the sub is in its home port, said Krause.

He said some of the sailors who have visited Nebraska before asked to be included in this trip and that crew enthusiasm for the visits is high after crew members return and talk up the state and its hospitality to the rest of the crew. 

The group’s itinerary was to include trips to the Cooper Nuclear Power Station near Brownville, STRATCOM and the Henry Doorly Zoo in Omaha; a visit to the Reserve Officers’ Training Corps (ROTC) at the University of Nebraska, Lincoln; and the Nebraska-Buffalo football game on Saturday, Sept. 11, said Krause.

Krause, who was set to leave for boot camp on Sept. 12, 2001, told the audience he didn’t quite know what to do when he was stopped in an airport and thanked for his service after he graduated from boot camp.

Krause said he felt he hadn’t done anything to deserve the thanks, but in the 20 years since, he’s reflected on the moment and determined that he and his fellow sailors had done a few important things even when fresh out of training: 

They’ve chosen to join the Navy.

They passed the entry process.

They waited to attend boot camp.

They graduated boot camp.

Krause said the USS Nebraska has been in service for 28 years, being commissioned in 1993. 

During the Sept. 8 meeting, the club inducted Scott Steele of the Mattson Ricketts Law Firm as a new member.

The Nebraska City Rotary Club meets at noon Wednesday at Valentino’s, 1710 S. 11th. Guests pay $9 for lunch.

Upcoming speakers are scheduled as follows:

Photographer Jim Wickless, tomorrow (Sept. 15);

Gregg Robke of ESU 4, Sept. 22; and

Kelly Bequette and Doug Grimm, Sept. 29. 

Cole Sharp is the club president. Call (402) 873-0530 for more information.

Chase Krause, Chief of the Boat, USS Nebraska, spoke to the Nebraska City Rotary Club on Sept. 8. He and other crew members discussed what they do on the submarine, as well as their visit to Nebraska, which was provided by the Big Red Sub Club.