NC readying for 53rd AppleJack

Nebraska City News-Press

Nebraska City’s 53rd Annual AppleJack Festival is coming up and city officials think it’s going to be a big one.

“Based on what we are hearing through phone calls and emails, people are excited to come to Nebraska City and be a part of the festival,” said Amy Allgood, executive director of Nebraska City Tourism and Commerce. “People have good childhood memories of coming to Nebraska City and now want to make new memories and new traditions here. AppleJack is the perfect opportunity to make that happen.”

The 2021 AppleJack Festival will be spread out over three consecutive weekends, something organizers implemented last year to combat large crowds.

“We’ve learned we can set up our events safely through creative timing and spacing by utilizing multiple weekends,” Allgood said. 

The first weekend of AppleJack, Sept. 18 and 19, contains the traditional AppleJack activities of parade, flea market, craft fairs, carnival, and car show. 

In addition, the Nebraska City Extreme Bull Riding Tour kicks off the weekend on Friday, Sept. 17. 

The second weekend of AppleJack, Sept. 25 and 26, is titled “The Taste of AppleJack” and includes such events as a downtown Food Truck Street Fair and the ‘All Things Apple’ Recipe Contest, held in the Historic Barns at Arbor Day Farm. 

The third weekend of AppleJack is Oct. 2 and 3. It is named “AppleJack at the Home of Arbor Day” and coincides with the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission 100th Anniversary celebration at Arbor Lodge State Historical Park.

The apple orchards at Arbor Day Farm, Kimmel Orchard, and Wostrel Family’s Union Orchard are all open for the season. Nebraska City Tourism and Commerce continues to update its website ( with details.