September senior menu

Nebraska City News-Press

Tuesday, Sept. 7: Tuna casserole, biscuit, peas, peaches.

Wednesday, Sept. 8: Baked chicken, roasted red potatoes, cucumber and tomato salad, apples, bread.

Thursday, Sept. 9: Lasagna, pasta salad, garlic stick, strawberry shortcake.

Friday, Sept. 10: Breakfast egg and sausage casserole, sliced tomatoes, hash browns, blueberry muffin.

Monday, Sept. 13: Battered pollock, rice pilaf, broccoli with cheese, cole slaw, fruit.

Tuesday, Sept. 14: Fried chicken, mashed potatoes with gravy, corn, biscuit, fruit.

Wednesday, Sept. 15: Meat loaf, scalloped potatoes, green beans, peach crisp, roll.

Thursday, Sept. 16: Chicken pot pie, cookies, fruit.

Friday, Sept. 17: Hamburger steak with gravy, tater tots, vegetable blend, fruit, roll.

Monday, Sept. 20: Cheesy ham and potato casserole, corn, fruit salad, bread.

Tuesday, Sept. 21: Beef roast, au gratin potatoes, carrots, mandarin oranges, roll.

Wednesday, Sept. 22: Turkey a la king over biscuit, broccoli parmesan, peaches.

Thursday, Sept. 23: Roast beef, mashed potatoes with gravy, green beans, caramel sliced pears.

Friday, Sept. 24: BBQ meatballs, potato wedges, peas, pineapple with cottage cheese.

Monday, Sept. 27: Hamburger gravy over mashed potatoes, Italian vegetables, fruit.

Tuesday, Sept. 28: Tater tot casserole, tropical fruit, corn.

Wednesday, Sept. 29: Baked fish, cheesy hash browns, mixed vegetables, brownie, peaches.

Thursday, Sept. 30: Hamburger with bun, roasted sliced potatoes, pasta salad, mandarin oranges.