Senior Topics series starts at MJPL

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

A new free monthly educational series for Nebraska City seniors and their families got underway Sept. 1 with “Planning To Age Your Way,” presented by Certified Financial Planner Cole Sharp of Blueprint Financial Services.

Sharp said that the first thing he and his fellow financial planners like to discuss with clients is what he called “sharing the financial burden.” By this, he means that clients should discuss with other trusted family members what accounts the client has, what arrangements have been made for online bill pay or other regular deductions from those accounts, and how another person can access those accounts in case the client is unable to handle his or her accounts temporarily or permanently.

He said he also encourages his clients to designated someone who can discuss Social Security/ Medicare matters under the same circumstances.

Sharp said he reviews his clients’ estate plans, including having a current will, a designated beneficiary, and powers of attorney for financial and medical issues. He also asks his clients to review their beneficiaries regularly to ensure the right assets are going to the right person.

Sharp also told the audience that a version of the “grandparent scam” is currently affecting some Otoe County residents. In this scam, an urgent phone call from someone claiming to be a grandchild requests that a gift card or cash be sent immediately.

Rather than react quickly to the request, Sharp said it’s best to “think through” the situation, noting, for example, that Amazon gift cards aren’t the customary way to pay medical bills.  

“Ask the caller questions that only a relative would know the answer to,” he said, such as a favorite pet’s name. He also said to call other relatives to double-check the caller’s story before agreeing to send money.         

Senior Topics, which will usually be presented on the first Wednesday of the month, will resume Thursday, Oct. 14, at 10 a.m. The topic and speaker are still being determined.

For more information, call Betsy Sharp, Morton Place community relations manager, at 402-873-5551.

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