Pinpoint hosts Governor Ricketts for broadband tour

Nebraska City News-Press

Governor Pete Ricketts recently joined representatives from Pinpoint Communications for a 1-day tour of broadband-served businesses in Southwest Nebraska in an effort to better understand the direct impact of CARES Act funding. By receiving this funding from the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, Pinpoint continued to expand its footprint to serve more overlooked locations in rural Nebraska by providing Fiber-Optic Broadband services up to 10 GB.

“It was encouraging to visit with business owners and leaders in these rural communities to hear first-hand the impact fiber optic cable is making,” said Governor Pete Ricketts. “Expanding broadband across the state has enabled residents to have access to fast, reliable service. This directly impacts their livelihoods whether it be speed of processing credit cards, serving customers, or helping children being able to complete schoolwork. With the help of the Governor’s CARES Act funding, Pinpoint is helping rural, underserved communities grow and succeed.”

With support from the 2020 Nebraska Remote Access Grant, Pinpoint constructed fiber-to-the premises (FTTP) networks that connect homes and businesses in communities of Alma, Beaver City and Republican City including the areas along highway 89 from Beaver City to Alma. The first customers within the communities were connected to Pinpoint Fiber-Optic service as of December 22, 2020.

The tour began at The Bait Box convenience store in Republican City which opened for business April 1, 2021. “Utilizing Pinpoint’s service allows me to easily and quickly process credit cards, place orders and improves the speed of my point-of-sale system,” said Andy Miller, Bait Box owner. “Last month I had 4,445 sales, which clearly solidifies the need for this type of business in Republican City, and the unique co-op advertising and marketing I have done with Pinpoint has certainly benefited traffic to the store.”

To support expansion in these communities due to CARES Act funding, it was also necessary for Pinpoint to hire 5 additional employees, which created long-term employment opportunities in the region.

“The competitive advantage of fiber is tremendous. Pinpoint can offer speeds that the competition simply can’t. Along with the speeds, the reliability is second to none,” said Tom Shoemaker, Pinpoint President. “We have the capability to deliver unmatched symmetrical speeds up to our customers. With this type of available connectivity, it allows us great flexibility for us to offer service levels and prices that are budget-minded and unmatched by other providers. Pinpoint also doesn’t require a contract because we figure if we can’t deliver what you need, then we haven’t done our job for you as a customer.”

Governor Ricketts and the team then visited Travis and Trisha Scott at Waconda Boats in Republican City, had lunch with Alma Mayor Hal Haeker, continued to the Alma Library, Hogelands Market owned by Zack and Becky Mackenzie, a facilities tour in Stamford, Teresa Youngquist at the City of Beaver City, and the Beaver City Library.

“We were paying for a speed that our previous provider could never deliver,” said Trisha Scott, co-owner of Waconda Boats. “Pinpoint now offers reliability and top-notch customer service and we couldn’t be happier.”

Pinpoint continues to focus on providing the best technology and support from people that are truly committed to their customers.