Emergency runway repairs needed at NC Airport

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

The main runway at the Nebraska City Airport should be back in service Monday after buckling concrete caused it to be closed July 29.

At an emergency meeting on Aug. 2, the Nebraska City Airport Authority Board approved up to $39,000 in emergency repairs by Contractors Inc. 

The damaged panels were to be removed starting Wednesday, Aug. 4, said board chair Arlen Stutheit, and the concrete was to be repoured.

The buckled concrete was reported to the airport by a pilot whose plane’s tail wheel crossed the damaged runway. It resulted in damage to four runway panels about 1,500 feet from the south end of the 4,500-foot runway, said Stutheit. 

Those 12.5-foot-square panels broke loose and pulled up, causing upcracking, he said.

Stutheit said he was “really pleased’ to be able to have the repairs made so quickly.

The airport has been closed to agricultural sprayer traffic because of the runway buckle, said Stutheit, but private pilots have been able to use a 2,550-foot grass runway that is perpendicular to the main runway in the interim.

Stutheit said the Nebraska City Airport has never had a runway buckle before, but he has heard reports of several other airports in southeast Nebraska having runways buckle following the recent heat wave. He said some streets in Lincoln have also buckled and are in need of repair.

The Nebraska City Airport Authority Board normally meets monthly at 4:30 p.m. on the second Thursday at City Hall, 1409 Central Ave. Its next regular meeting will be Aug. 12.

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