Sidney's new water tower is up, old one coming down

Veronica Barreto-Rosa
Hamburg Reporter

A new water tower is up at Sidney, and an older one is coming down

Earlier this month, the Sidney City Council accepted a bid from Iseler Demolition of Port Hope, Mich., for the demolition of the city’s former tower.

Anne Travis with the City Council said the decision had to be made because of health concerns. The old one was rusty, and the city needed a bigger one to serve more people.

The new tower will help with water pressure in town, provide for expansion, and ensure pureness of water.

Travis said the historical society wanted to take part in the old tower for historical purposes, but it posed too many difficulties to overcome. It would be too expensive for the museum to be able to use it, said Travis.

But,  the city wanted to come up with a way to make sure the old tower would not be forgotten.  Its history is attached not only to the town but also to the town's biggest event, the annual Sidney Iowa Rodeo.

For 98 years, the rodeo and the old tower had been close friends as folks coming to town saw the tower as a landmark. Although Travis says it may have been pure chance, the tower was put up in Sidney the same year the rodeo began.

In 1923, Earl and Henry Tackett- after returning from Wyoming- decided to entertain visitors attending the Old Soldiers Reunion in Sidney organizing the rodeo. 

The water tower was placed just by the arena.

As the rodeo grew,  people coming from other towns and places would ask where the arena was. People from town would answer “under the water tower.”

After the tower is turned down, the city is planning to have a memorial underneath the new one with pictures to keep its memory alive. 

Travis said they are waiting until the rodeo is over to start the process of demolition.