Allen shares flying stories at NC Rotary Club meet

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

The former manager of the Nebraska City Airport shared some of his flying stories with members of the Nebraska City Rotary Club during the July 21 meeting.

James Allen, formerly of Infinity Aviation, told the audience that he recalled always wanting to ride along to the Omaha and Lincoln airports when relatives were traveling so he could see the tails of the airplanes over the airport fence.

Allen’s father, his brother, and his grandfather all possessed pilot’s licenses, and Allen soloed at age 18 in Shenandoah, Iowa.

Allen had two dreams growing up: to manage an airport and to raise cattle. He pursued the second dream by working on Dr. Jim Billups’ farm until the opportunity arose for him to manage the Nebraska City Airport, a job that he held until 2018 when he resigned to return to flying professionally.

While managing the airport, Allen had the opportunity to be visited by local pilots as well as people flying into Nebraska City for either business or pleasure. He called the airport “the town’s red carpet to all it has to offer.”

Allen said he added to his pilot’s ratings annually while managing the airport, completing his instrument rating, his multi-engine private pilot, and his multi-engine commercial pilot while airport manager.

From 2009 to 2018, Allen said he recorded 5,000 hours of flying for Silverhawk Aviation in Lincoln, visiting 46 states and several Canadian provinces. 

Allen, who is working as a pilot for a client in Omaha, credited his wife with supporting his two dreams—aviation and cattle—and keeping their family going while he was often away from home because of his flying.

The Nebraska City Rotary Club meets at noon Wednesday at Valentino’s. 

Upcoming programs include a presentation on the Nebraska Department of Education’s proposed health education standards by Matt Innis on July 28 and a presentation on the Nebraska Public Service Commission by Dan Watermeier on Aug. 4

Cole Sharp is the club president. Call (402) 873-0530 for more information.

James Allen shared some of his flying stories at the July 21 meeting of the Nebraska City Rotary Club.