Tree City Garden Club announces Yard of the Month

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

The Tree City Garden Club has selected its July Yard of the Month.

Wayne Supernaw at 1014 Maple Crest Dr. received the honor. Supernaw hosted the July Tree City Garden Club meeting at his home and provided club members with a special program on shamrocks.

Supernaw became interested in shamrocks while he was watching a neighbor’s property in Arkansas a few years ago. He noticed some plants growing up from the pea gravel in the yard, and he asked permission to dig up the plants and transplant them.

From those three plants, Supernaw has grown numerous shamrocks, which he has planted in containers around his property (along with a few volunteer plants that came up along the foundation of his house). 

He also provides plants to Friends of Faith, who sells them and uses the money for charitable causes in town. This spring, he gave them 400 plants.

He raises both green and burgundy shamrocks, with the burgundy being more prevalent in his garden.  

During the winter, he brings the potted shamrocks into his garage, which he can heat to about 50 degrees with a space heater. He trims the plants back in the spring before returning them to his yard.

In addition to the shamrocks, Supernaw has petunias, peonies, and mandevillas in his yard. 

Supernaw added to his plant collection this year. He put gardenias from the Shenandoah Hinky-Dinky to the front of his property in pots on the driveway this year. He also planted a tomato plant for the first time this year and is looking forward to homegrown tomatoes soon.

The Tree City Garden Club honored Wayne Supernaw as the July Yard of the Month. Club members came to Supernaw’s house at 1014 Maple Crest Dr. for the July meeting, which featured a special presentation on shamrocks. Pictured with Supernaw are, from left, Rosie Pfeiffer, Carol Lanning, Margo Blobaum, Cheryl Wirth, and Jeanette Eilers (rear).
Supernaw’s burgundy shamrocks all came from plants he transplanted from a neighbor’s yard in Arkansas.
This tomato in the front yard of Wayne Supernaw’s home has begun producing fruit. Supernaw is looking forward to homegrown tomatoes later this summer.
In addition to shamrocks, Supernaw has peonies, mandevilla, petunias, and gardenias on his property.
Supernaw’s green shamrock can trace its roots to Ireland.