NC Veterans Memorial Building elevator arrives

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

The long-awaited elevator for the Nebraska City Veterans Memorial Building Project (NCVMBP) has arrived.

NCVMBP President Jim Kuhn told the Nebraska City City Council July 6 that the elevator, whose delivery has been repeatedly delayed by issues relating to COVID-19, arrived Tuesday afternoon and was set to be installed last week.

“Even though the the project has been delayed some by COVID-19, we are pressing forward, “ said Kuhn, who offered tours to any interested members of the council.

Kuhn said the 93-year-old building is “very well built” and has presented some demolition challenges to construction workers, but the project board and the workers have “lived through it.”

Kuhn noted that three offices have been added to the building in the basement level, and he hopes to rent those out as part of the long-term plan to have the building generate revenue and become self-sustaining.

Continuing projects include upgrading the commercial kitchen, the stage, and the building flooring, said Kuhn. 

He said the board is in the process of applying for an LB 566 grant of up to $1.5 million for shovel-ready projects delayed by COVID-19.

“We are as shovel-ready as you can get and are very hopeful to be awarded this grant in the coming months,” said Kuhn.

Restoring the building has been quite a process, said Kuhn.

“It’s been a challenge,” he said, “but we’re up to the challenge.”

Pictured is the Veterans Memorial Building at Nebraska City.