Blue Star Mothers honor area veterans with Quilts of Valor

Nebraska City News-Press

Blue Star Mothers awarded Quilts of Valor to five area veterans on Saturday, July 3, in Steinhart Lodge.  Because of their military positions, two veterans asked that their names and photos not be shared. 

The three veterans pictured are James Jessen of Lincoln, U.S. Army; Terry C. Kleineweber of Nebraska City, U.S. Navy; and James A. Walker III of Nebraska City, U.S. Army.

Army veteran Shelley Ramage, and her daughter, current Army soldier, Erica Ramage, wrapped Army veteran James Jessen with a Quilt of Valor made by Keitha Thomson.
Army veteran James A. Walker III received a quilt made by Kimberly Schneider.  Blue Star Mother Tammy Chase is on his left.
Navy veteran Terry C. Kleineweber with Blue Star Mother Keitha Thomson on his left waiting to wrap him in a quilt made by Mary Ann Holland.