Bands hit notes of celebration and summer

Kirt Manion
Nebraska City News-Press

Four bands and a full day got Steinhart Park buzzing and hit all the celebratory notes of summer and the 4th of July weekend on Saturday.

The Héctor Anchondo Band served as the headline performance and was preceded by Mike Semrad and the Riverhawks, Jack Hotel and Lucas Minor.

As the fireworks show closed in and the Héctor Anchondo Band played their final songs, Semrad, an organizer of the event along with NCTC, took a few minutes to talk about what Treestock had accomplished.

“We just couldn’t have asked for a more perfect day,” Semrad said. 

The warm temps were accompanied by a light breeze and the shade of beautiful trees. And Semrad said he loved working with and for this community.

“The people running this are just great people,” Semrad said. “It’s great, wholesome Nebraska City people and the people are coming out.”

Crowds were steady through the course of the day. Semrad said some might have had aprehension about what was going on at the park. Once they got there, the reviews were more than positive.

“Everybody has been over the moon about it, saying, ‘I hope you do this again,’” Semrad said.

Semrad, who runs a marketing company in Lincoln called Red Rebel Media, helps to organize, raise money for and book bands for festivals, such as the Nebraska Folk and Roots Festival.

The opportunity for Treestock came at the right time and was it was great to get music out to the people a year after a pandemic that devastated concerts and other live events.

To play for real crowds, hear real claps and see people of all ages dancing again in person was exciting for Semrad.

“It’s beautiful. It really is. It fells like the world is back,” Semrad said.

The Héctor Anchondo Band served as the headline act for Treestock on Saturday at Steinhart Park. The group was the fourth and final musical act of the day.