Simple Solutions with Chloe DuBois

Nebraska City News-Press

Second-Hand Style

One of my favorite things to do is experiment with my style and add all types of clothing to my closet. 

This would be extremely costly except that I thrift almost all my outfits. 

I am also lucky because I have three older sisters that constantly give me their clothes once they are tired of them. 

Everyone knows that being a college student means you must cut costs on a lot of things, but you can still be stylish while on a small budget. 

If you have never gone thrifting before, or you need tips on finding your style while shopping second-hand, I am here to help! 

Before I go shopping I like to save photos to my phone of clothing that I hope to find at thrift stores. 

Instead of buying full-priced pieces, I will search for similar ones at second-hand stores.

 This not only saves my wallet but makes thrifting a lot less intimidating. 

Going into a store, like Goodwill can seem daunting if I do not have a plan in place. There are plenty of thrift stores nearby that are always on my list to visit when on a shopping spree. 

Goodwill stores are usually my first stop because most of them have “color days” where clothes with a certain color of tag can cost as little as fifty cents! 

If you are searching for a designer brand then Esther’s, in Omaha, and One More Time, in Lincoln, are the perfect places for you.

 I have left those stores with designer shoes, purses, and clothing! 

Some items may be more expensive compared to other second-hand stores, but they are still massively cheaper than buying brand new. 

For people that are expecting children, or already have young ones, Bigwheels 2 Butterflies, in Omaha, is fantastic for finding children’s clothes, toys, and maternity clothes. 

We have Friends of Faith, and many antique stores, here in our town, that are filled with treasures! 

I tend to find one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces at these stores, which lets me accessorize without breaking the bank. 

It is important to buy from thrift stores because many end up throwing away clothing once their storage is full. 

This is dangerous to our planet because according to the Environmental Protection Agency, in 2018 our landfills were fed 17 million tons of textiles. 

If you have clothes that cannot be sold because of holes or stains, some brands will recycle them for you! 

Nike and Converse will recycle your shoes into new footwear, playgrounds, and running tracks! 

You can also use the app Earth911 to find stores near you that will recycle your clothes, and some may even give you store credit!

Another benefit to donating clothes is that they can be written off your taxes! 

I hope this article will convince many of you to shop second-hand and help continue to reduce our impact on landfills each year!