Children’s Watering Garden adds butterfly bed

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

The Children’s Watering Tower Garden on 2nd Corso between 16th and 17th streets has been updated for 2021.

Garden Organizer Margaret Spiers said that a new  Butterfly Raised Bed was finished in mid-June.

Spiers purchased the bed frame, Nebraska City Public Properties provided soil to fill it, and the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints Missionary Sisters helped assemble and fill the frame, and also plant petunias that were provided by Grimm’s Gardens.

“Ace Hardware and Garden Center helped us with a donation of garden supplies,” said Spiers. “We also purchased mulch and some flowers.”

The garden started  in 2017 with a donation from the Barbara Spiers Dorenkamp memorial fund, said Spiers, who added that Barbara was her mother. 

The Whitney family children helped plan and design the first garden, said Spiers with Sophia Whitney serving as Spiers’ volunteer assistant gardener for the project’s first three years. 

In 2018, a local Girl Scout troop helped plan and plant the garden and take care of it over the summer.

Spiers said the garden is a member of NCTC, and that the project is made possible by the City of Nebraska City, Nebraska City Utilities,  the Spiers family, Ace Hardware and Garden Center, Grimm’s Gardens, and  many volunteers who have supported the project.

No public funds were used for the project, said Spiers. Nebraska City Utilities and the City of Nebraska City allow the garden to use the property. 

Other plans for 2021 include a new look for the original flower bed and the replacement of an apple tree, said Spiers. 

“We welcome families and individuals to come and enjoy our garden,’ said Spiers. “On a really hot day you will see condensation falling of the Water Tower. This is similar to a cold glass  sitting outside on a hot day.”