Nebraska DHHS provides weekly COVID-19 case count update

Nebraska City News-Press

For the third straight week, new COVID-19 cases, hospitalizations and emergency room visits increased in the U.S., according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).  Nationwide, more Americans age 18 to 64 have gone to emergency departments for COVID-19 complications. This increase of mainly younger adults is because most of them have not yet been vaccinated.  The number of variants in Nebraska is also increasing; these newer strains can be more infectious and cause more serious illness to younger people. 

Hospitalizations in Nebraska due to COVID-19 continue to increase as well, with 166 patients currently hospitalized.  Nebraska hospitals cared for an average of 167 COVID-19 patients a day over the last seven days. Daily averages in prior weeks were 140, 106, and 121 COVID-19 patients. Nebraska's main goal remains protecting hospital capacity.

While younger, unvaccinated adults get hospitalized with COVID-19, the number of elderly Americans getting hospitalized or dying from COVID-19 is on the decline, as they are more likely to be vaccinated. 

As of Tuesday, the latest statewide total of positive COVID-19 cases is 215,074, with a total of 165,985 of those Nebraskans recovered. The total number of COVID-19-related deaths reported in Nebraska to date is 2,226.   

Similar to the United States as a whole, Nebraska is reporting that cases are rising, with a daily average of 327 new positive cases in the last week, compared to 470 daily cases two weeks ago. Averages for positive cases are now based on specimen collection instead of lab report dates, which provides a more precise view of COVID-19 cases. Data from previous days is updated as lab results are received.

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