In-state tuition for home-school students amended, advanced in Lincoln

Nebraska City News-Press

Lawmakers gave second-round approval April 6 to a bill that would make Nebraska home-school students eligible for in-state college tuition after amending a nondiscrimination provision in the original bill.

A student is considered a resident for tuition purposes if, among other requirements, they reside with their parent or guardian while attending a public or private high school in Nebraska and graduated from a public or private Nebraska high school or received a diploma of high school equivalency.

Under LB92, sponsored by Sen. Robert Clements of Elmwood, students who completed the program of instruction offered by a home school also would be considered residents.

Clements introduced an amendment on select file that he said would clarify “fairly broad” language in the original bill intended to ensure that a publicly funded college or university in Nebraska could not discriminate against home-school students.

The amendment would prohibit those institutions from discriminating against any student with regard to determinations of residency status or scholarship eligibility on the basis of having been home-schooled.

After adopting the amendment on a vote of 34-0, senators advanced LB92 to final reading by voice vote.