Nebraska DHHS releases weekly COVID-19 statewide update

Nebraska City News-Press

The latest statewide total of COVID-19 cases is 199,782 as of Feb. 23. There have been 36 COVID-19-related deaths in Nebraska reported in the last seven days, for a total of 2,054. To date, a total of 153,585 Nebraskans testing positive for COVID-19 have recovered.

COVID-19 hospitalizations continued to decline in the last week, with Nebraska hospitals caring for an average of 173 COVID-19 patients a day over the last seven days. Averages in prior weeks were 200, 265, and 322 COVID-19 patients.

The daily average of new positive cases in the last week currently stands at 291, compared to 367 daily cases last week, and 548 and 567 cases a day in recent weeks. Averages for positive cases are now based on test dates instead of lab reporting date, which provides a more precise view of COVID-19 cases. Data from previous days is updated as lab results are received.

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