Applications open for Timmerman feedyard management internship

Nebraska City News-Press

The Timmerman Feedyard Management Internship is a nationally renowned feedyard management training program, exclusive to the University of Nebraska­­–Lincoln, which has been producing feedyard management and industry leaders since 1988.  

Designed for students interested in pursuing a career in beef feedyard management or other related agribusiness areas, the program trains students through comprehensive feedyard and personnel management classes and with real-world experiences in established Midwest feedyards. 

“We’ve had students from 20 states, and we’ve worked with 50 feedyards and numerous interns who have completed the program in the past 30 years,” said Galen Erickson, Nebraska Cattle Industry Professor of Animal Science, and UNL feedyard extension specialist. 

“This is the perfect way for students to get into agriculture, get your foot in the door to learn skills so you can continue at the feedyard you intern at or take them somewhere else.”  

As the only internship program in the nation designed specifically to develop business and experiential skills necessary for the feedyard, interns who come to Nebraska will have a unique seven-month experience. The tri-segment program begins in late May with six weeks of class discussions and industry field trips.  

From July through December, interns are assigned to a Nebraska feedyard, which is tailored to their specific goals and interests. Once placed at a feedyard, interns will have the opportunity to experience each facet of the business - from animal health, economics, waste management, working with rations at the feed mill, personnel management and bookwork.  

Finally, students will return to campus in December for two weeks to review their experiences at feedyards and learn from the experiences of other students in the program. 

“After the internship I’ve agreed to continue working at Brothers Feedlot in Spalding, Neb., where I am now, and continue working in the industry,” said Melissa Losby, Timmerman Feedyard Management Intern. 

“Even if I wouldn’t continue at the feedyard, I think this would have been a super valuable experience. I’ve learned a lot of skills that I think can transfer to a lot of different areas in agriculture.”  

The program works to fill the growing need of trained, responsible individuals who can enter into management positions in feedyards. That’s why the program opened its doors to accept students from two-year institutions for the first time, such as from the Nebraska College of Technical Agriculture.  

Terry Klopfenstein, emeritus professor at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln, pioneered the Timmerman Feedyard Management Internship, and has mentored hundreds of graduate students in his 47-year career at Nebraska. 

“The need for young people in agriculture is great, Klopfenstein said. “We really need an employee that can work into management. We know the demand is there. Our job at Nebraska is to produce the supply.” 

Timmerman Feedyard Management Internship applications close March. 1. For more information, visit