World Kindness Day focus to be on front-line workers Friday

Nebraska City News-Press

CHI Health St. Mary’s and the United Against Violence committee are promoting World Kindness Day, which is celebrated annually on Nov. 13.  

On this day, the committee is challenging community members to:

Recognize a business for all they do;

Cheer up a friend or neighbor; or

Brighten the day of someone who cannot get out by sending a note/card, calling, or telling them in person.

Reuter said this year’s celebration will be different from those in the past couple of years, which focused on students in school districts across the county. The 2020 celebration will focus instead on front-line workers.

Reuter said the committee will be distributing thank-you gifts to teachers, public safety personnel, city and county government officials, and others who have been on the job and available to citizens throughout the pandemic.

Reuter said that since the pandemic, nursing home residents and shut-ins have been more isolated than ever.

The committee will be distributing pictures that county students have colored to care facilities to raise the spirits of the residents.

“Kindness isn’t just a day,” she said. “It’s how we should be acting every day.”

Reuter encouraged residents to stop in local businesses and thank them for staying open during the pandemic or for reopening with modifications to their business or their staffing.