NDOT, UNL partner on new self-service crash data portal

Nebraska City News-Press

The Nebraska Department of Transportation (NDOT), in partnership with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln (UNL) Raikes School Design Studio, has recently launched a new self-service crash data portal that, for the first time, will provide the public the opportunity to dynamically search for crash data anywhere in the state and create a map using that data.

The crash data available in the Nebraska Transportation Information Portal (NTIP) previously required a public information request. The NTIP now makes the data freely available to the public as soon as it is received and processed by the NDOT.

The NTIP allows users to search and filter crash data by parameters like date, location, crash severity, lighting condition, weather condition, and many more.

“By providing access to meaningful data, the public will be able to engage in conversations about safety in their community by looking right at the crash data,” said Don Butler, NDOT Highway Safety Engineer. “This collaboration with our partners at UNL has resulted in improved tools that will aid in reducing the $5.5 billion in annual societal costs from crashes in Nebraska.”

To access the NTIP website, visit https://ntip.nebraska.gov.