NCPS to remain in Condition Orange status until at least Nov. 24

Nebraska City News-Press

Nebraska City Public Schools distributed this press release from Superitendent Mark Fritch on Friday, Oct. 30:

With the risk dial trending upwards and in an attempt to help families plan, Nebraska City Public Schools will operate in the Orange Tier (A-K and L-Z days) through Tuesday, Nov. 24 at a minimum.

We all hope that the trend will change and we can return to our yellow tier protocols. We will continue to assess the situation and prepare accordingly. Though SEDHD cannot state the level of the risk dial until the data supports it, it appears the three week aggregate data trends will keep NCPS in the orange tier at a minimum for the next several weeks.

At this time, we believe it will make things easier for our families, schools, teachers, and students to prepare and plan knowing that NCPS will operate in the orange tier (A-K and L-Z days) through Tuesday, Nov. 24.

We are trying our best to communicate the ever -hanging plans during this challenging time. We apologize for all the messages and phone calls in our attempt to keep everyone informed. I will remind everyone, our website is always the best place to receive up to date information regardingCovid-19-related school plans.

I want to take this opportunity to update students, staff, parents, and the community of the current situation at NCPS. We have not and will not share specific information regarding Covid-19. Here are a few comments regarding our situation.

We have had very few confirmed positive cases (less than 5) of students in our school district. -We have had several staff members (8) confirmed positive cases in our school district.

We have had numerous students and staff “impacted” by Covid-19. Multiple staff and students have been asked to quarantine, self isolate, or self monitor. At least 66 staff members have needed to use leave in order to address aCovid-19-related issue.

Our data, as well as data from our county, shows the transmission rate within schools has been low. We do not have evidence that Covid-19 has been transmitted in or during school.

Through our contact tracing guidelines and with the help of SEDHD, it has been determined that the vast majority of our confirmed cases have originated outside of our schools.

Our concerns continue to be large gatherings in which people are not socially distanced. I am going to take this opportunity to share Governor Ricketts message; “As the coronavirus continues to spread throughout the state, we’ve launched a new campaign to encourage Nebraskans to stay committed to good health habits. We’re calling on all Nebraskans to Avoid the Three Cs : 1) crowded places, 2) close contacts, and 3) confined spaces. Avoid gathering in groups where you can’t maintain six-feet distance from others. Wear a mask or maintain six-feet distance when you’re with people outside of your household. Avoid enclosed spaces with poor ventilation.”

I will assure you that NCPS are very clean and safe places for students and staff to be because of all of our Pandemic Response Protocols. Our students and staff have followed the protocols and we do not have evidence that Covid-19 has been transmitted in or during school.

As we enter the winter activity season, NSAA has shared their protocols, which NCPS will obviously be following. NCPS will be sharing our “additional” winter activity protocols in the near future.

Though we have not had evidence that Covid-19 has been transmitted in or during school, we will continue our orange tier (A-K and L-Z days) protocols because of the increase of community cases.

The orange tier protocols have allowed our staff and administrators the ability to contact trace and communicate with all directly involved parties. This has also allowed us to staff buildings and provide a quality education to students as numerous students and staff have missed school due to Covid related issues.

Nebraska City Public Schools will operate in the orange tier (A-K and L-Z days) protocols through Tuesday, Nov. 24 at a minimum.