NDA updates noxious weed handbook; adds 40 species

Nebraska City News-Press

The Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA), in cooperation with the University of Nebraska–Lincoln, has updated the popular “Weeds of the Great Plains” book.  The new edition features 40 additional species of weeds not found in previous editions of the book.  

The hardbound book features full-page color photographs and detailed descriptions of nearly 300 individual species of weeds found throughout the Great Plains.  The book is available now for purchase from NDA.

“Weeds compete with pasture land and crops, reduce yields, and cost farmers and ranchers millions in lost production,” said Mitch Coffin, NDA weed program manager. “Some weeds are even poisonous to people, livestock and wildlife, making this weed identification book an important tool to help meet the needs of farmers, ranchers and homeowners.”

The weed identification book features:

  • Full-page color photos, descriptions and line drawings of nearly 300 species of weeds;
  • Identification methods to distinguish 125 additional similar species;
  • 450 close-up color photographs of weed flowers, seedlings and key identification characteristics;
  • Habitats in which each weed species is commonly found;
  • List of states and provinces in which each weed species grows;
  • Potential livestock poisoning;
  • Historical uses of each plant;
  •  Comprehensive glossary; and
  • Index of common names and another with scientific names.

Individuals can purchase the book in person at the Nebraska Department of Agriculture’s office in Lincoln for a cost of $32.50 or for a cost of $35 per copy the book can be mailed. To order the book and/or to learn more about NDA’s noxious weeds program, go to: nda.nebraska.gov/plant/noxious_weeds/.