Trail of Treats cancelled due to COVID-19

Kirt Manion
Nebraska City News-Press

This year’s Nebraska City News-Press Trail of Treats celebration, which occurs each year, on or near Halloween, will not take place in 2020 due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

The decision to cancel this year’s event is in line with an advisory by the Centers for Disease Control to avoid door-to-door trick or treating this Halloween season.

Since the trail of treats mimics door-to-door trick or treating and since the public would have a hard time meeting social distancing requirements which are also advised by the Centers for Disease Control, the News-Press made the decision not to have the event.

It is with heavy hearts that the News-Press makes this announcement, but it is the paper’s desire to help ensure the safety of the public and not to create an infection point for COVID-19.

Readers are invited to share pictures of their costumed kids for this year.

The News-Press plans to resume this tradition in 2021 as we all hope the pandemic is behind us in a year’s time.

The Nebraska City News-Press thanks the community of Nebraska City for its enthusiasm for Trail of Treats and for its continued loyal support of our newspaper.