OC Board of Supervisors approve COOP addition

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

The Frontier Cooperative Syracuse Ag Service Terminal facility is set to expand after the Otoe County Planning Commission and the Otoe County Board of Commissioners approved the addition of a 100-foot by 430-foot warehouse.

Craig Schultz, chief operating officer of Frontier Cooperative, spoke at the Sept. 22 meeting of the Otoe County Board of Commissioners and explained the planned expansion.

The warehouse will be divided into three sections, said Schultz, two of which will be heated and one that will be considered “cold storage.”

The first heated space, a 60-foot by 100-foot maintenance bay, will be the co-op’s chemical and fertilizer receiving area.

He said the space will include concrete containment and 12 8,600-gallon tanks, along with three loading bays. Schultz said this space will also serve as the facility’s storm shelter.

The second heated area will be a 120-foot by 100-foot seed distribution and receiving warehouse.

Schultz said the size of the area will allow trucks to be loaded and unloaded inside the building.

The third, unheated area will be a 90-foot by 100-foot space that Frontier will use for equipment storage, said Schultz.

Schultz said a 34-foot by 78-foot building on the east side of the facility will provide space for eight offices and a conference room for safety training.

Construction on the west side of the facility will add 12 30,000-gallon tanks for fertilizer and water, said Schultz, as well as tanks that can hold 1 million gallons of water and 300,000 gallons of water respectively.

Schultz said the additions to the facility will add three to five full-time employees, and up to 30 employees, depending on the season.

“It’s more efficient for the company and for our customers to have all our products at one site,” he said.

During the meeting, the board also approved refinancing the 2014 and 2016 Highway Allocation Funds to save approximately $155,000 in interest payments; approved the use of the courthouse lawn for a National Day of Prayer vigil on Sept. 26; and

Instructed Otoe County Surveyor Dave Schmitz  to re-survey property relating to the vacation of County Road 107 north of H Road, right-of-way in the east half of Section 3, Township 8N, Range 9E of the sixth prime meridian, Otoe County, Nebraska, and all of County Road 91/156 in the west half of the northeast quarter of Section 3, Township 8N, Range 9E of the sixth prime meridian, Otoe County, Nebraska, to resolve a dispute between two property owners.

The next regularly scheduled Otoe County Board of Commissioners meeting is set for 8:30 a.m. Tuesday, Oct. 13.