Nebraska Bloody Mary State Championship is cancelled

Nebraska City News-Press

Fallout from COVID-19 has led to the cancellation of the 2020 Nebraska Bloody Mary State Championships, say event organizers.

Nebraska City Tourism and Commerce scheduled the annual event for this Sunday, Sept. 27,  as a part of their extended AppleJack Harvest Festival.  

However, according to Amy Allgood, NCTC executive director, the event was not coming together.

“During the height of the pandemic, bars and distributors had to close down,” Allgood said.  

“They are still recovering from that and aren’t able to participate in this event like they should be,” she said.

The annual Nebraska Bloody Mary State Championship is normally held over the Arbor Day Celebration weekend each April.   However, all Arbor Day events were cancelled this year due to the pandemic.  

NCTC personnel decided to move the competition to Sept. 27 earlier this summer when they were putting together a plan to spread AppleJack out over a series of weekends.

“Like always, we had a lot of interest from people wanting to go to the Bloody Mary Competition, but we also had a lot of trouble lining up a vodka distributor and bar participants,” said NCTC’s Pam Frana.

“This just isn’t a priority for them this year, and we completely understand that,” Frana said.

NCTC is still excited about the extended AppleJack Harvest Festival.   Other events scheduled for this coming weekend include a poker run, retail sales downtown, and activities at Arbor Day Farm and Wostrel Family’s Union Orchard.  Living History at Arbor Lodge State Historical Park also starts this weekend.  

Details about the events this weekend and for the rest of the AppleJack Harvest Festival can be found at

Frana said NCTC is planning to organize the 2021 Nebraska Bloody Mary State Championship for Arbor Day 2021.