Concordia University Nebraska releases enrollment figures

Nebraska City News-Press

Concordia University, Nebraska has announced the arrival of 375 new undergraduate students as of Aug. 26, leading to a full-time undergraduate enrollment of 1,192 on the Seward campus.

The 375 new students enrolling at Concordia for the 2020-21 academic year is an increase of 36 students from the previous year.

“This increase in our new student population tells us that students and their families around the country are seeing the value in the Christ-centered, Lutheran higher education they’ll receive at Concordia,” said Dr. Gary McDaniel, vice president of enrollment and marketing. “We are excited to welcome each of our students, new and returning, to our supportive campus community.”  

In addition, the university serves 1,182 full-time and part-time adult learners registered for classes as of Aug. 26. This includes 849 students who were previously enrolled at Concordia University-Portland.

“Despite all of the unknowns in our society as our 127th academic year approached, our entire faculty and staff have worked tirelessly to care for each of our students, and with our increase in enrollment, we are seeing the results of everyone’s diligent efforts,” said Rev. Russ Sommerfeld, interim president. “We thank God for inspiring Christ-like, other-centered compassion to continue providing our students with excellent, caring faculty, updated facilities and impactful academic programs.”