Southeast CC conducts mock classes to prepare for fall semester

Julie Davis
Nebraska City News-Press

College classrooms will look different this fall because of COVID-19, and Southeast Community College is making sure faculty and staff work out all the kinks before students come back to the classroom beginning Aug. 24.

“I’m looking forward to returning to the classroom, but there are some concerns,” said Julie Wollberg, a Pharmacy Technician program director. “I’m looking at ways to adapt.”

Wollberg and others took part in a “mock classroom” on Wednesday at the College’s Lincoln Campus. Most of the “students” were instructors experimenting with how their classrooms would look next week and how they could best communicate with the classroom as a whole.

In the mock scenario in Rick Kohn’s Business Law class, most of the students were in the classroom, while others Zoomed from home. Each desk and work area was sanitized at the beginning of class, people were distanced and everyone wore masks. Different issues came up, such as what students could see and hear at home and how they could engage with the students sitting in the classroom.

“I practiced on my own yesterday, but (today) learned a lot of the mechanics of how to do this,” Kohn said. “I learned more because I hosted than if I was sitting in a room.”

Dr. Joel Michaelis, SCC’s new vice president for instruction, said he saw another college doing this and thought it was a great way to prepare for the upcoming term. Some students will be learning remotely, while others will be in person. Regardless, the College wants to make the experience as seamless as possible.

“It speaks to our efforts to provide as excellent of an educational experience as we can, given the disruptions that are bound to exist due to efforts to mitigate COVID-19 spread/infection,” Michaelis said.

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