Ricketts vetoes seven bills passed by Unicameral

Nebraska City News-Press

On Monday, Aug. 17, Governor Pete Ricketts announced that he had vetoed seven bills passed by the Legislature.  They include:

LB 238 – A bill that would undermine the death penalty and public safety.

LB 515 – A bill that would undermine the ability of schools to keep drugs out of classrooms and school grounds.

LB 607 & 607A – Bills that imposed unnecessary and onerous occupational licensing requirements on nail manicurists.

LB 1004 & 1004A – Bills that would let violent criminals become eligible to get out of prison early.

LB 1089 – A bill that would mandate all high school students to hand over financial information to the federal government as a condition for graduating.

The Governor’s veto messages can be found by clicking here.