Peru State Phi Beta Lambda chapter brings home 10 Top Ten national awards

Nebraska City News-Press

The Peru State Phi Beta Lambda chapter brought home 15 national awards including 10 top ten trophies. Of the 14 students representing Peru State, nine placed in the top ten.

This year’s National Leadership Experience Conference took place online from June 24 to 26.

These highly competitive students from all over the United States took part in 60 different business and business-related events. In order to make it to the national conference, participants must first receive a first, second, or third in their event at the state level.

Second Place – Kelsi Leininger (Shenandoah, Iowa – Organizational Behavior & Leadership

Organizational Behavior & Leadership is a 60-minute test administered during the NLC. This event recognizes PBL members who are familiar with organizational behaviors and leadership competencies that affect organizations. Objective Test Competencies: Conceptual and Problem-Solving Skills; Organizational Strategy and Corporate Culture; Leadership Traits and Characteristics; Motivational Theories and Practices; Individual and Group Behavior in Organizations; Power and Influence; Organizational Communication; Teamwork; Organizational Ethics and Social Responsibility; Global Perspectives in Organizations; Multicultural and Gender Perspectives in Leaders and Organizations

Second Place – Rozlyn Cole (Wymore, Neb.) & Diego Korol from York College – Business Sustainability

The Business Sustainability event recognizes PBL members who possess familiarity with the triple bottom line: a process companies use to manage financial, social, and environmental risks, obligations and opportunities— sometimes referred to as profits, people, and planet. This event also represents resiliency over time—businesses survive shocks when they are intimately connected to healthy economic, social, and environmental systems creating economic value and contribute to healthy ecosystems and strong communities.

Third Place – Rozlyn Cole (Wymore, Neb.) – Future Business Executive

This event recognizes PBL members who have demonstrated leadership qualities and evidence of knowledge and skills essential for successful careers in business. A 60-minute objective test of competencies included the topics of Management; Accounting; Business Law; Economics; Finance; Marketing; Technology Concepts; Organizational Behavior & Leadership; Business Strategy; Communication Techniques; and Global Business. The competition also required submission of a cover letter and resume before participating in multiple job interviews.

Fourth Place – Tyler Harms (Falls City, Neb.) & Noah Wynn (Auburn, Neb.) – Business Decision Making

This event recognizes PBL members who develop competency in management, decision making, and leadership quality, and who demonstrate knowledge of these key principles. It involved two parts; an objective test and interactive role play or presentation. A 60-minute objective test will be administered onsite at the NLC. Team competitors will take one (1) objective test collaboratively. Objective Test Competencies: Business Plans; Ethics & Social Responsibility; Financial Management; Government Regulations; Human Resource Management; Legal Issues; Marketing Management; Principles of Business Ownership and Management; Taxation

Fourth Place – Nancy Ramirez (Tecumseh, Neb.) – Cyber Security

This event recognizes PBL members who understand security needs for technology. With the increased use of the Internet for browsing, researching, information gathering, and e-commerce, information and cyber security has become a growing concern for businesses throughout our global economy. It encompasses a 60-minute test administered during the NLC. Objective Test Competencies: Defend and Attack (virus, spam, spyware, Trojans, hijackers, worms); Network Security; Email Security; Intrusion Detection; Public Key; Authentication; Disaster Recovery; Physical Security; Cryptography; Forensics Security; Cyber Security Policy

Fourth Place – Rozelyn Cole (Wymore, Neb.) – Local Chapter Annual Business Report

The Hamden L. Forkner Award recognizes PBL chapters that effectively summarize their year’s activities. The event provides participants with valuable experience in preparing annual business reports. The report included the chapter’s annual program of work. The report described activities of the chapter that were conducted between the start of the previous State Leadership Conference and the current State Leadership Conference.

Sixth Place – Tory Lamkins (Union, Neb.) – Hospitality Management

Hospitality is an important aspect of business and society. This area includes involvement in the hotel, restaurant, and tourism industry. A 60-minute objective test of competencies included Current Industry Trends; Customer Expectations; Environmental and Global Issues; Financial Management and Budgeting; Human Resources; Legal Issues; Marketing Concepts; and Operations and Management Functions. Competitors also completed an interactive role play situation that included financial management, operations, human resources, customer expectations, legal, environmental issues, etc.

Sixth Place – Kayla Myers (Sidney, Iowa) – Future Business Educator

The Future Business Educator competition required material submission at the conference, a preliminary interview, and a final interview. This year participants created a unit plan for a high school economics course. The plan included a pre-assessment, assessments, activities, and other ancillary materials as needed. The assessments were original in nature and not copied from published textbook materials.

Seventh Place – Dawn Castle (Imperial, Neb.) – Sales Presentation

This event is designed to recognize outstanding students in the field of salesmanship. The purpose of this event is to enable students to use their knowledge of good selling techniques and to create an awareness of the importance of good salesmanship.

Ninth Place – Ashli Becker (Yankton, SD) – Retail Management

The Retail Management competition recognizes PBL members who demonstrate knowledge of the functions of retail management and the changing environment that affects retailing. Tested competencies include Retail Management Functions; Customer Value, Services, Retailing Technologies; Retail Planning and Management Process; Retail Environment; Evaluation and Identification of Retail Customers; Retailing Information Systems; Selecting the Appropriate Market and Location; Financial Aspects of Operations Management; Merchandise Buying and Handling; Human Resource Management in Retailing; Pricing in Retailing; Customer Service in Retailing; Laws and Ethics; and Diversity and Trends.

Other students who participated include Austin Guhde-Egger, Spencer Kerwin, Emily Oestmann, Michael Okpalefe, Reannah Rinchich.

In addition to all of their individual successes, as a chapter, Peru State PBL earned the following recognition: Phi Beta Lambda Outstanding Chapter – for completing a minimum of 15 membership, community service, and education activities.