NCCFF creates COVID-19 Relief and Recovery Account

Nancy Feeney
NCCFF Communications Director

It is no surprise that hundreds of Nebraska City residents are suffering increased financial and mental strain during this ongoing COVAID-19 health crisis and the many shutdowns resulting from it.

Many residents are suffering food and housing insecurity, as well as loss of income.

Some are experiencing mental health issues.

Our elderly population is particularly vulnerable to the COVID-19 health threat as well as the fear and confusion it brings.

In response to these urgent needs, the Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund recently established a new granting fund called the NCCFF Relief and Recovery Account.

This account is designed to give financial assistance to non-profit providers who offer services to Nebraska City residents in need as a direct result of the COVID-19 virus.

The NCCFF expects a huge response to its new account from food pantries, churches, housing authorities and other organizations that have helped distressed people in this community for decades.

“The Foundation wanted to open a channel of financial assistance that would quickly meet the urgent and growing needs of Nebraska City residents during the COVAID-19 crisis,” said Melissa Turner, chair of the NCCFF Grant Development Committee.

“Nebraska City is fortunate to have many local non-profit organizations that have provided aid to our residents for decades; however, this recent health crisis is rapidly draining their limited resources,” said Turner. “This new Relief and Recovery Account will give them a simple, efficient and fast means to request funding so they can continue serving our community.”

To help meet these many needs during this community crisis, the NCCFF is reaching out to Nebraska City residents who are not experiencing financial strain and would be willing to share to ease the plight of those who are.

To donate to the NCCFF Relief and Recovery Account, checks can be mailed to: Nebraska City Community Foundation Fund, PO Box 444, Nebraska City, NE 68410.

Online donations can be made at https://   

Your generosity is greatly appreciated.