Doane University adjusts fall term academic calendar

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Doane University's academic calendar will be adjusted for the Crete campus this fall, Provost Dr. Paul Savory announced in a message to the Doane Community on Tuesday, June 16.

The adjustments include:

  • Classes will be in session on Monday, September 7 (Labor Day)

  • Classes will be in session on Friday, October 16, Monday, October 19, and Tuesday, October 20 (originally planned as Fall Break)

  • Final exams will be scheduled to occur from Saturday, November 21 to Wednesday, November 25

  • The fall semester will end on Wednesday, November 25. This will be the final day of courses/examinations. There will be no classes after Thanksgiving break in any modality. 

The fall semester will still begin on Monday, August 17, as originally planned.

"The implementation of these changes to the academic calendar for students on the Crete campus ensures that the health and wellness of our community is a top priority," Savory said in his message. "It has been shown that travel can enhance the risk of someone contracting COVID-19. One way to mitigate the spread of the virus during the fall semester is for students not to leave and return from breaks. By eliminating breaks, we can prevent hundreds of our students from leaving and returning to campus within the same time period. This will, in turn, put the university in a better position to operate safely and maintain the health and wellness of our students, faculty, and staff.

While there are some slight adjustments being made to the academic calendar on the Crete campus, there are NO CHANGES made to the academic calendar for Doane's non-residential students for the Lincoln and Omaha campuses and online programs. The Autumn term will begin on Monday, August 17 and there will be no classes on Labor Day (9/7). The Autumn term ends on Saturday, October 10 and the Winter term begins on Monday, October 12. The Winter term will end Saturday, December 12.

Similarly, the academic calendar for Graduate Studies in Education will also not change.

More information and updates as it relates to fall planning can be found on the university's COVID-19 webpage.