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NDA provides detasseler COVID-19 guidance

Staff Writer
Syracuse Journal-Democrat

Every summer, thousands of Nebraskans detassel seed corn, performing an essential cross-pollinating task for seed companies. In recognition of this important work and to help detasselers stay healthy during the coronavirus pandemic, the Nebraska Department of Agriculture (NDA) has issued guidance for this summer’s season of detasseling.

“Throughout this pandemic we have taken extra steps to ensure the health and safety of workers in the agricultural industry including detasselers and the important work they do,” said NDA Director Steve Wellman. “Detasselers already use personal protective equipment in their line of work. This new guidance recommends additional PPE along with plans for social distancing.”

NDA’s guidance on detasseling can be found on their COVID-19 website at nda.nebraska.gov/COVID-19. In the event of additional statewide restrictions or relaxations, these recommendations will be updated. Therefore, detasselers, seed corn companies and farmers are encouraged to frequently check NDA’s website and NDA social media accounts for the most current information.