NCHS grad, musician to celebrate retirement with free local concert

Staff Writer
Nebraska City News-Press

Talented musician and Nebraska City High School alum Scott Duncan will celebrate his retirement with a free concert from 8-11 p.m. on Saturday, March 21 at the NC Eagles Club at 600 1st Corso. This will be your last time to hear him play “live” here in Nebraska City. No tickets necessary—just a big party.
Duncan graduated from NCHS in 1972 and began a music career which entertained fans across the country.
He has lived in the Kansas City area for a number of years playing all types of venues, but has played all over the place including Chicago, Colorado, Florida, California and beyond.
Duncan first realized his gift for music in high school and some of his performances back then are still talked about to this day.
While most musicians would be perfectly content with playing a single instrument or singing a few parts well, Duncan honed his skills to expert level for songs from multiple types of music with multiple instruments.
He writes and records songs with him playing all of the instruments as well as performing all of the vocals.
A former classmate of Duncan, Cindy Meyer, said Duncan’s vocal range “is prenominal”.
Cindy encouraged Scott to play here in Nebraska City a coupe times a year since 2011.
He draws a great crowd wherever he plays.
Mike Gangel, a 1972 NCHS grad and a bass guitarist in a band, Odyssey, with Duncan, Danny Gruber and Lennie Lahman, said the experience of playing music with Duncan was like playing in the presence of greatness. "I got to tell you, playing in a high school band with Scott Duncan was like playing on a high school basketball team with Michael Jordan," he said.
Meyer, a 1976 NCHS grad, sold Duncan's CDs at her store, Woofer’s Den in the 80’s. Duncan played music with Cindy's brother, Chris. "Scott has been dazzling people all over the country, particularly in the KC area since he left Nebraska City," Meyer said. "Most of us hadn’t heard him 'live' for years but his amazing talents are appreciated today as much as they were back in the 70’s. He does covers better than anyone I know. They are spot on. His performance at Steinhart Lodge, provided a very special night for the nearly 200 people who attended. A night we will all cherish, for sure. I am just so glad Scott is willing to share his talents with those of us who fell in love with his music 40 years ago.
Ree Miyoshi Shirley, also an  NCHS grad, said, "Scott's concert in 2011 was so much fun! Hearing songs that were popular when all of us were together back in the 70s was great, but Scott opened the bag and started pulling out everything from Johnny Cash to ABBA and some Beatles stuff too! It sounds crazy but in some ways, Scott sounded even better than I remembered.  (I) cannot wait to take my college aged children to hear him. I know they will enjoy his show just as much as I did. Cindy might need to book two shows or get a bigger concert setting."
Jerri Hemmer Leech, NCHS Class of 70, said " Scott Duncan was a huge hit at Steinhart Lodge in 2011.  Everyone had the time of their life. It was like an enormous class reunion spread over a number of years. Scott is so talented and such a nice person as well.  When I was a senior in high school and singing in the Madrigals, Scott was one of the 12 members.  That is a pretty fine accomplishment for someone who would have been a sophomore at the time.   That’s like being a freshman and playing 1st string Nebraska football!